A hard body as grid armoring for a roller press, a method for its production, and a roller for a roller press

Un corps rigide comme blindage de grille de presse a rouleaux, une methode de production associee et un rouleau de presse a rouleaux


The wear-resistant hard body according to the invention consists, at least partially, of a high-strength, iron-based alloy (IFW), and preferably comprises an external shell or sleeve made of another material. Roller press rollers usually have a bandage, often referred to as a roller body, in which the hard bodies are inserted as grid armoring. Particularly preferably, the hard body has a trilaterally closed, external shell. Advantageously, the hard body thus hardly needs any processing to ensure that it fits into the hole in the bandage, as the shell already does. Thus, a defined fit between the bandage and the shelled hard body is made possible. The hard bodies according to the invention with a shell or a sleeve are also referred to as bimetallic studs. Particularly preferably, the wear-resistant hard bodies furthermore have a circular cylindrical shape. Here, the closed front end of the shell, which in the installed state faces the center of the roller, is preferably shaped in a rounded fashion. Advantageously, cracking of the bandage due to sharp edges is thus prevented. Especially preferably, the rounding is a spherical shape.




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