Integrated fluid control valve and valve actuator assembly

Ensemble vanne de regulation de fluide et actionneur de vanne integre


Systems and methods of an integrated fluid control valve and valve actuator assembly are provided. The assembly includes a pressure operated fluid control valve for controlling the flow of liquid from a liquid supply piping system into a sprinkler piping system of a fire protection system when transitioning the fire protection system from a stand-by state to an actuated state. The control valve defines a valve chamber for holding a pressurized fluid to prevent the flow of fluid through the control valve. A valve actuator is coupled to the fluid control valve housing for setting of the fluid control valve in an unactuated ready state and for operating the fluid control valve automatically and/or manually. Automatic control devices can be placed in fluid communication with the valve actuator to maintain and control operation of the valve actuator for controlled operation of the fluid control valve.




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