Dispositif de sterilisation utilisant du peroxyde d'hydrogene et de l'ozone vaporises et combines par l'intermediaire de multiples tubes capillaires

Sterilization device using hydrogen peroxide and ozone vaporized and combined through multiple capillary tubes


The invention refers to a process and device for the sterilization / disinfection with ozone and it is based on the hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals vapor injection that humidifies the load inside the chamber and transports the ozone through multiple capillaries into the chamber. Said Ozone sterilization or disinfection device with hydrogen peroxide vapor injection vaporizes and combines hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals with ozone in the capillaries (4D) in a vaporizer / mixer (4G) that feeds a sterilization / disinfection chamber (1), said feeding being made with a dose varying; the vaporizer / mixer working with a pressure between 0,0001 mbar and 3000 mbar ABS and heated by an automatic and/or electrical system (4A), or by a micro-wave system (4J) at a temperature of 5°C to 200°C; the vaporization process being made to a sterilization / disinfection chamber (1) at a pressure between 0, 0001 mbar and 3000 mbar ABS is made drop by drop by capillary tubes (4D), which transform the liquid into a pulverized gas combined with ozone.




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