Wiring board, semiconductor device using wiring board and manufacturing methods thereof



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a wiring board and a manufacturing method of the same, which can eliminate lack of a sticking force of a mounting pad to inhibit detachment and bending of the mounding pad.SOLUTION: A manufacturing method of a wiring board comprising a wiring layer, and an external insulation resin layer which is formed to have an opening for exposing a part of the wiring layer, and covers the wiring layer comprises the steps of: coating a partial region in the opening with a liquid insulation resin; circulating the coated liquid insulation resin around a part of the wiring layer exposed from the opening by capillarity; and curing the coated insulation resin.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4
【課題】実装パッドの密着力不足を解消し、実装パッドが剥がれて折れ曲がることを抑制できる配線基板およびその製造方法を提供する。 【解決手段】コア基板上に、配線層と、配線層の一部を露出させる開口部を有するように形成され、配線層を覆う外部絶縁性樹脂層とを備える配線基板の製造方法であって、開口部内の一部の領域に液状の絶縁樹脂を塗布し、塗布した液状の絶縁樹脂を開口部から露出する配線層の一部の周囲に毛細管現象により流動させ、塗布した絶縁樹脂を硬化させることを特徴とする、配線基板の製造方法。 【選択図】図4




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