Keyless entry device and control method thereof



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a keyless entry device which controls door lock using a radio communication between a vehicle-side device and a mobile unit, while preventing a door from being illegally unlocked by a third party.SOLUTION: A vehicle-side device 1 includes output antennas 7 arranged in a plurality of positions of a vehicle body, outputs request signals by changing an output order of the output antennas every time a request switch 5 is operated, and receives an answer signal including a receiving intensity value string from a mobile unit in response thereto. An output intensity value string calculation section 24 calculates an output intensity value string of a request signal near the request switch, determines that the mobile unit is located near the vehicle when a field intensity value string comparison section 25 determines matching in changing order between the receiving intensity value string and the output intensity value string, and drives a door lock actuator 9 to unlock a door. The mobile unit receives a request signal whose receiving intensity changes, without using an output variable circuit. A relay cannot follow the changing order which is changed by operation, thereby preventing relay attack at a low cost.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
【課題】車両側装置と携帯機の間で無線通信を行ってドアロックを制御するキーレスエントリー装置において第三者による不正な開錠を防止する。 【解決手段】車両側装置1は出力アンテナ7を車体の複数位置に配置し、リクエストスイッチ5の操作ごとに出力アンテナの出力順を変化させてリクエスト信号を出力し、これに応答して携帯機から受信強度値列を含むアンサー信号が返信される。出力強度値列算出部24がリクエストスイッチ近傍におけるリクエスト信号の出力強度値列を算出し、電界強度値列比較部25で受信強度値列と出力強度値列の変化順序が整合すると、携帯機が車両近傍にあると判断してドアロックアクチュエータ9を駆動し、開錠させる。出力可変回路不要で携帯機に受信強度が変化するリクエスト信号を受信させ、しかも変化順序が操作ごとに変わるので中径器が追従できず、低コストでリレーアタックが防止される。 【選択図】図1




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