Imaging device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve the problem that it is difficult to secure the number of functions enabled to be operated by an operation member due to miniaturization design of an imaging device.SOLUTION: The imaging device comprises a first operation member, illumination means for illuminating the first operation member, illumination control means for controlling the illumination state of the first member by the illumination means in accordance with a predetermined operation with respect to the first operation member, a plurality of second operation members, and function allocation means for allocating different functions from each other between the respective second operation members for each illumination state of the first operation member by the illumination means.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 6
【課題】撮影装置の小型化設計に伴い、操作部材で操作することが可能な機能の数を確保するのが難しい。 【解決手段】撮影装置を、第一操作部材と、第一操作部材を照明する照明手段と、第一操作部材に対する所定の操作に応じて照明手段による該第一操作部材の照明状態を制御する照明制御手段と、複数の第二操作部材と、照明手段による第一操作部材の照明状態毎に各第二操作部材に異なる機能を割り当てる機能割当手段とを備える構成とする。 【選択図】図6




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