Bag with gas channel, and method and device for packaging bag



【課題】袋内の空気(被包装物の隙間に存在する空気を含む)を効率よく不活性ガスで置換できるようにすると共に、袋口内面への被包装物の付着及びこれに基づく噛み込みシールの発生を防止し、かつ被包装物の損傷を防止できるようにする。 【解決手段】ガス置換用の袋として、側縁のシール部内に表裏面を構成する積層フィルムが融着していない気体流路5が形成され、気体流路5の下端が袋内に開口し(連通部5b)、気体流路5の上端に気体流路5と袋外を連通させる気体導入部5aが形成された気体流路付き袋を用いる。気体導入部5aには切り込みが形成されている。袋内に被包装物を充填後、気体導入部5aから気体流路5に加圧した不活性ガスを吹き込み、気体流路5を通して袋内に吹き入れ、袋内の空気を不活性ガスで置換する。ガス置換後、気体導入部5aをシールし、かつ袋口をシールする。 【選択図】図6
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a bag with a gas channel and a method and a device for packaging the bag capable of efficiently replacing air in the bag (including air existing on a gap of an object to be packaged) with an inert gas, preventing sticking of the object to be packaged to a bag mouth inner surface and occurrence of biting seal based on the sticking and preventing damage of the object to be packaged.SOLUTION: A bag with a gas channel formed of a gas channel 5 in which a lamination film constituting front and back surfaces is not molten in a seal part of lateral edge, having a lower edge of the gas channel 5, opened into the bag (a communication part 5b) and formed of a gas introduction part 5a which communicates the gas channel 5 with the bag outside on an upper edge of the gas channel 5 is used as the bag for gas replacement. A notch is formed on the gas introduction part 5a. After an object to be packaged is charged into the bag, a compressed inert gas is blown from the gas introduction part 5a to the gas channel 5, is blown into the bag through the gas channel 5 and air in the bag is replaced with the inert gas. After gas replacement, the gas introduction part 5a is sealed and a bag mouth is sealed.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 6




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