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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a compact reading device that allows a subject to be read at high resolution via a reading optical system arranged other than on a perpendicular of a subject loading surface.SOLUTION: A reading device comprises: a subject loading surface 11 on which a subject is loaded; a reading optical system 2 that is arranged other than on a perpendicular of the subject loading surface 11, and converges a light ray from the subject loaded on the subject loading surface 11; and an image pick-up element S that receives the light ray converged by the reading optical system 2. Let F be a F-value of the reading optical system 2, β be an image formation magnification of the reading optical system 2, and ω be a maximum angle of view of the reading device 1, the reading device satisfies conditional expressions of -187.93<F/β<-126.98, and 30°≤ω≤55°.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
【課題】被写体載置面の垂線上以外に配置された読取光学系を介して、被写体を高解像度に読み取ることが可能な小型の読取装置を提供する。 【解決手段】被写体が載置される被写体載置面11と、被写体載置面11の垂線上以外に配置され、被写体載置面11上に載置された被写体からの光線を集光する読取光学系2と、読取光学系2により集光される光線を受光する撮像素子Sと、を備え、Fを読取光学系2のF値、βを読取光学系2の結像倍率、及びωを読取装置1の最大画角としたとき、−187.93<F/β<−126.98、30°≦ω≦55°の条件式を満たす。 【選択図】図1




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